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About Us

BasehockeyGTA is located at Just Shoot it Oakville and Ice Sports Etobicoke.  We will provide development and technique training to enhance the hockey skills of each and every student.  Our highly skilled trainers who have been trained by Base hockey and follow the base hockey training methods will provide a customized training program for each student.  At all sessions our instructors use our hi-speed camera, this camera will capture your shot in hi-def slow motion.  See yourself at 1500 frames per second the mechanics of your shot and compare your shot to NHL greats side by side.  Base instruction builds on the analysis and brings additional personal expertise to each and every player.  Players take the videos of their progression throughout our classes.  

What separates us from any other shooting schools is during your shooting analysis, our instructors will make their recommendation of what model, shaft size and flex, blade pattern and lie combination will work best for you.  You will be able to get hands on with the Base stick before you make any final decisions.

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