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Ice Sports Etobicoke

(1120 Martingrove Rd Etobicoke,ON M9W4W1)

BASEHOCKEYGTA (Etobicoke) – Located Beside Rink 4 

Our synthetic ice surface is used for lessons, shooting analysis and stick fitting room where our hi-speed camera captures your shot in hi-def slow-motion. See yourself at 1500 frames per second side by side with examples of Pro shooters with world class technique. With this data, your BASE Certified Fitter can see exactly how far you flex your stick and if the blade’s lie is truly the correct one for you.

If you purchase a 30 minute credit, we will always double your credits.  So basically BUY 1 get 1 FREE.  Up to the individual if they want to train for 60 minutes or 30 minutes.

Many of our clients like to do a 30 minute session before your game or practice at Ice Sports Etobicoke, come in and give it a try!



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